Elin Zlatkovic

Elin Zlatkovic

About me

My name is Elin Zlatkovic and I live in Skövde with my husband Robin and my two children Enya and Elliot.

At the end of 2018, I bought my first real camera to take better pictures of my own children. It quickly turned out that I had an eye for photography and editing and received requests from friends, acquaintances and strangers.

With my image style and with my image language, I want to capture the viewer by stopping and reflecting on the image. Some of my pictures include messages and societal issues that I personally think are important to highlight.

I also love creating children’s images in environments that are full of imagination and magic, where the children can be out in their very own adventure.

What I am most passionate about in photography is the finishing touches and creating something completely different than what the original image shows. For me, it is also important to feel that I am constantly evolving to stay driven and motivated.

I started freelancing but quickly switched to starting my own business! In the summer of 2020, I had my breakthrough with my picture “Never Underestimate Girl Power” which led to a collaboration with Astrid Lindgren’s company and Save the Children to help girls on the run through the campaign “Pippi of Today”.

In 2020, I won the business award “Rookie of the Year” which was nominated by Nyföretagarcentrum Skaraborg, Företagarna Skövde and Tibro.

After receiving “Rookie of the Year”, I also received an award as “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in Sweden 2020. This award was nominated by Nyföretagarcentrum Sverige and Fortnox.

As a person I am very easy going and social and I love children! Children are the nicest and most important thing we have and therefore the main characters in my pictures are mostly children.

This was a brief presentation about me and the background to my photography! If you have any more questions or concerns, you can easily email info@elinzfotografi.se.

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